Saudi Romeo Gets in Trouble

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Saudi Romeo Gets in Trouble
Sat 25-01-2014

A Saudi man known as Romeo in his neighborhood for boasting about his numerous girlfriends got the shock of his life when he showed a friend the latest girl he has just met, for she was his friend's sister.

Romeo was dining with his childhood friend at a restaurant in Riyadh at night when he gave him his mobile phone and asked him to see his latest girlfriend. Once his friend saw the picture, he went pale.

"Without saying anything, he slapped Romeo then jumped on him and started punching him...he then went into the kitchen and brought a big knife," the Saudi Arabic language daily Alsaudi said.

"Romeo ran away but his friend chased him…he later went home but he still chased him and wanted to stab him."

The paper said the girl’s brother was pacified after Romeo’s father came out and promised him that his son would marry his sister.

"He also offered him to marry one of his daughters…the man suddenly calmed down and promised to think about that offer."