Saudi Shoura Council Approves a Draft Regulation to Intermarriages

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Saudi Shoura Council Approves a Draft Regulation to Intermarriages
Tue 02-07-2013

The Shoura Council approved on the law that regulates marriages between Saudi citizens and residents of other nationalities.

The council has approved the project to regulate the marriages of Saudis to other nationalities about two years ago, but the paper was returned by the Council of Ministers to redraft some articles.

The first article was subsequently amended to read: "Organizing the marriages of Saudis to others according to Islamic Shariah rules."

Among the most prominent features of the draft regulation is to allow all Saudis to marry citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) due to the nature of the relationship between these countries and the common features between their peoples.

To approve the marriage it should be compatible with the Islamic Shariah, and the couple should not carry any diseases, or drugs, and the age difference should not exceed 25 years.

To achieve equality of treatment between children of Saudi women married to non-Saudi men, and the children of Saudi men married to a non-Saudi women, the Council agreed to allow Saudi men to marry women born to a Saudi mother and non-Saudi father.

The court will fine a penalty on those who violate the provisions of this regulation, 100 thousand riyals shall be deposited in the account of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency for the benefit of the Ministry of Social Affairs to help Saudi youth in getting married.