Saudi Woman Starts Wedding Installment System!

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Saudi Woman Starts Wedding Installment System!
Sun 08-07-2012

Weddings can be very expensive at times, and among the factors that make weddings sometimes more expensive than necessary is lack of proper organization which makes the cost of some weddings amount to half a million riyals.

Trying to solve the financial issues a couple can face when getting married, a Saudi wedding planner launched a project that allows youth to pay wedding costs in installments.
Abeer Hussein, the manager of a wedding planning center, conducted a study that looks into means of facilitating marriage for low-income groups, especially men who are always overwhelmed by expenses.

"I got the idea when I had a client who couldn’t pay the full cost of the wedding due to his financial situation," she told Al Arabiya.

Regarding the installment system she offers at her center, Hussein said that the groom can pay 2,000 riyals ($533) in the beginning then pay the rest of the costs on installments with an average of 700 riyals ($187) per month.

According to analysts, high marriage costs in Saudi Arabia are among the main reasons that a large number of men decide to stay single or marry foreign women because they do not have financial demands. This, based on latest statistics, has resulted in a remarkable rise in the number of unmarried women and which has reached 1.5 million.
A study conducted by the Medina-based Osraty Charity Organization, revealed that the number of unmarried women is expected to reach four million in the coming five years.