Saudi Women Can Divorce Smoking Husbands

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Saudi Women Can Divorce Smoking Husbands
Mon 23-07-2012

Judge Ebrahim Khodairi has said, that Saudi women who suffered as a result of their husbands’ smoking are allowed to file cases against their husbands should they have health issues.

The judge said: "If a woman married a man and then found out that he is a smoker, and she mentioned in her case that she had, as a result of his smoking, a health issue in the chest and severe allergy, after stating that she didn’t want in the first place to marry a smoker because she considered it a fault in the man, their marriage should be ended because of the harm smoking causes and the inability of the couple to continue their life together".

However, he excluded the cases of those women who were aware of their husband’s smoking prior to finalizing their marriage contract.

Moreover, the duration of marriage is another factor for the judge to take into consideration, Khodairi said.
For instance, the case of a woman who is married for 20 years to a smoking man, will be dismissed, because the woman has already accepted the fact.

Saudi Arabia is the fourth largest importer of cigarettes in the world.

A recent poll, which included smokers and non-smokers, revealed that thousands of workers die annually as a result of inhaling the smoke of fellow smokers during working hours.