Saudi Women Furious Over Hashtag On Spinsterhood!

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Saudi Women Furious Over Hashtag On Spinsterhood!
Tue 01-07-2014

"The cure to spinsterhood is 3 marriages" is a Hashtag being shared on Twitter. Which caused the rage of many Saudi women.

In an article which claimed that the best solution to decrease the rate of spinsters in Saudi Arabia is for men to marry 3 wives.

Many Saudi women spoke up and gave their opinion on the matter, and refused this outragious idea, even if it was legal by islamic law, the reason behind it is not good enough.

One of the women said: "Marriage is done by fate, and if multi-marriage or polygamy is stated in the Qu'ran, it also stated that it is preferable to have only one wife, because it is difficult to treat all 4 justly and fair."

While another woman said: "The solution is to let our women marry from different nationalities, even from America and Europe, in order to spread Islam and for eugenic purposes."