Saudi Women International Exhibition Opens in Riyadh Today

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Saudi Women International Exhibition Opens in Riyadh Today
Sat 05-05-2012


The Saudi Women Group will be organizing its first International Exhibition today under the patronage of HRH Princess Rima bint Talal bin Abdul Aziz. 169 firms and establishments are participating in the 3-day event that will highlight products of interest to women from both local and international companies ranging from beauty care, clinics, personal care centers to many others.  

Spelling out the highlights of the event, Reem Al-Hathlan, head of the exhibition, said that its aim is not merely to mobilize a large number of companies seeking to display their products but also to address a message to Saudi women to express their concerns through this event. As such, Al-Hathlan pointed out that they have invited a large number of firms to participate in a seminar to get their input that could help Saudi women and investors, in addition to, other women in Saudi Arabia.

According to the organizer, the event will provide unique investment opportunities for Saudi business women, whose cumulative investment in the private sector at present is only 21%. She added “that if we look at the reality of women’s investment in the private sector, statistics tell us there is a huge potential for investment involving women.”

The Exhibition is held at the Fours Seasons Hotel in Riyadh and will run for 3 days.