Saudi Women Learn Incense Making

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Saudi Women Learn Incense Making
Tue 24-06-2014

Gulf women have a wide choice in the types of perfumes and incense native to the land of Arabia including the famous and popular Al-Oudh, as well as Al-Sandal, Al-Saffron, Al-Amber, Al-Mesk, Al-Henna, Al-Nassem, Al-Jasmine, Al-Nadeem and others.

Incense is a mixture of moist grainy powder which when placed on hot coals in burners emanates aromatic fragrances in the form of smoke. Burners come in different shapes and colors; they can be electric while others can be used to light natural or artificial coals.

Amna Ali Al-Amin, an incense industry trainer, trains Saudi girls on how to make Al-Dosari incense, which consists of Al-Oudh, Al-Zoforfor, Al-Jawi, Al-Mesteka, Al-Sandal, Al-Hobosh, Al-Anbar, mixed roses, and Al-Zaafran. Throughout her 15 years of practicing in this industry, she said she is amazed by the presence of young female trainees who are graduates of secondary and high schools. The training includes how to mix the perfume and the standard weighing and mixing technique, Aman Al-Amin said.

Source: Arab News