Saudis Turning to Other GCC Countries For Minor Marriages

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Saudis Turning to Other GCC Countries For Minor Marriages
Sun 18-10-2015

Courts in each of Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, have refused to sign for the marriage of Saudi minors, in line with the system used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which places many restrictions on underage marriages.

According to a statement made by judges in the GCC on the "Al Haya", the procedure require "formal approval" to those who insist on it.

Saudi families have resorted to the marriageof their minor daughters outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the Gulf states, but they were met with rejection from the courts, in Bahrain and the UAE, Kuwait.

Although the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia stated that underage marriage is "permissible," even if a girl is under the age of 15, as the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said earlier. However, the Ministry of Justice put "obstacles" in front of the completion of this type of marriages,  it also revealed in the past 2 years its intention to seek an advisory opinion from the Commission rationing passport wedding of minors through the transfer of the powers of these kinds of marriages to a legitimate judge. The ministry also revised the laws of marriages and added required birth dates for both spouses.

Other regulations included in the proposal of the ministry is to prove the approval of the girl and her mother on this marriage, especially if she is a divorced mother.

And the emphasis on the girl's guardians not to complete her marriage directly, but to give an adequate opportunity to prepare her psychologically and train her to the requirements of family life.

Officials have become more strict when it comes to minors' marriages, prompting the families to marry their young daughters in other Gulf states.