Secret Wedding Plans for Angelina and Brad?

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Secret Wedding Plans for Angelina and Brad?
Fri 24-02-2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be close to tying the knot after reports that they have started building their reception hall in France. New photographs show what appears to be the construction of a large white reception hall that is being built behind a chapel on their $60 million estate in south France, reported the Daily Mail.

While Brad Pitt, 48, has been recently dropping hints about the couple's marriage plans, sources say that they have already started on secret wedding plans.

"Brad and Angie have kept this quiet, and they're talking about how and when to announce it. They really get a kick out of teasing people with this whole thing," an insider told OK magazine. "It's a place that they all absolutely adore. With the vineyards and the gorgeous wide-open spaces, they will really be able to create a dream wedding, right on their own property," the source says of their French property.

The wedding, which will mark Jolie's third marriage and Pitt's second, is scheduled to be a small, low-key event inside their 35-bedroom French Château Miraval.