Selena Gomez Not Dating Dubai businessman Harith Bukhash

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Selena Gomez Not Dating Dubai businessman Harith Bukhash
Wed 21-01-2015

Selena Gomez traveled across the Emirates with her celebrity friends  Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson among others, whose group became known as "the new brat pack".

It seemed the actress was joyful once again and had finally moved on from her rollercoaster, Justin Bieber past, especially when rumors arose that she had found a new man on her UAE adventure in the form of her tour guide, Harith Bukhash.

She and the Dubai businessman were seen in many an image online during their travels around the Middle Eastern city.

"Plus, he makes her laugh and that's all they have been doing while in Dubai, laughing and having fun!" a source said.

However, It was announced that Harith's brother and business partner Moadh Bukhash denied that a romance existed.

He said in an email that the "relationship with them is strictly professional and sharing such information would violate confidentiality agreements, which I’m sure you understand," 7DAYS reported.

Source: Al Bawaba