Shiite Couple Holds Wedding at Beirut Bombing Site

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Shiite Couple Holds Wedding at Beirut Bombing Site
Fri 23-08-2013

A Lebanese couple decided to get married several days after the attack in Hezbollah stronghold, claiming lives of 27!

Lebanese Shiite couple Fatma Ajarush and Alaa el-Din Ali held their wedding Monday on the site of the blast, which claimed the lives of at least 27 people and injured more than 200 last Thursday.

A Lebanese media outlet reported: "The same neighborhood in which blood was spilled celebrated the 'wedding of all weddings' with fireworks, distribution of sweets, flowers and butterflies that were flying around the entire area to emphasize that life carries on in the heart of destruction."

The couple was accompanied by several Dahiyeh residents who tossed flowers at them and chanted calls to support Hezbollah.