Single Woman Marries Herself at Lavish Wedding

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Single Woman Marries Herself at Lavish Wedding
Wed 28-01-2015

40 year old single lady, Yasmin Eleby, recently married herself in a beautiful wedding!

Earlier this month Eleby allegedly wed herself in a lavish ceremony at Houston’s Museum of African American Culture in a celebration which included multiple dress changes, abundant florals and even a cake-cutting.

Her reason was simple: Eleby has yet to find a partner she’s ready to spend her life with and she promised herself as a child that if she wasn’t married by the time she turned forty she would tie the knot solo.

Eleby turned the occasion into a family affair with her minister sister “officiating” the spiritual ceremony (spiritual only since it’s illegal to marry yourself), her other three sisters serving as bridesmaids and her mother giving the bride away.

The bride said her vow by candlelight and has plans to take herself on a honeymoon to Laos, Cambodia and Dubai this year.