Slaughter of a Wedding Party in Yemen

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Slaughter of a Wedding Party in Yemen
Mon 20-01-2014

According to most media accounts, the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) started a strike on December 12, 2013 on a road outside the town of Radda in al Bayda Province.

According to journalists, Yemen was a strategic mistake and an example of the massive public relations fallout that comes from even one possible drone error.

In a deadly drone attack on a convoy of 11 trucks carrying 60 men to a wedding, between 12 and 17 people were killed in four vehicles and many others wounded.

News reports around the globe spoke of a scene of carnage as burnt body parts and burning trucks littered the blackened stretch of road turning the wedding procession into a bloody mess.

One report of the attack based on an interview with a local whose son, a father of seven, was killed stated, "We heard a loud explosion coming from down in the valley. There were bodies scattered all over the place," and the women of the village were gathered together crying and screaming."

A Yemeni journalist said of the strike, "You cannot imagine how angry people are. They turned the wedding festival in to a funeral"

Source: Huffington Post