Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Pre-Wedding Diet

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Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Pre-Wedding Diet
Mon 15-06-2015

All eyes are set on Sofia Vergara who will be getting married soon to Joe Manganiello.

"I think I'm very sexy in general," Vergara joked to E! News while promoting theSkinny Cow Secret Campaign. "In our business, we always have to maintain. We can't just not work out for seven months and eat chocolate all day long."

She continued, "I try to keep a balance because I have to look good for [her Modern Family character] Gloria and red carpets. I work out now. I used to not do it that much, but now I understand that it's something important."

And yes, a steady fitness routine doesn't provide any decent results unless there's a healthy diet in place as well. With that in mind, the bride-to-be is trying to resist the sweets.

"If I'm going to eat a whole bar of chocolate, I try not to order pizza that night," she joked. "Everything in moderation. Sweets are my life. Sweets are something that I love and really make me happy."

While Vergara tries to stay focused on her health and fitness, the actress luckily doesn't have to worry very much about her upcoming wedding. While a specific date has yet to be revealed, a "great" party planner has stepped in to make sure the event is a big success.

"She has given us a lot of confidence and everything looks like it's taken care of," the 42-year-old told E! News. "We're used to big parties and entertaining a lot of people because I have a big family."

Source: E!