Sofia Vergara Reveals She's a Total Bridezilla

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Sofia Vergara Reveals She's a Total Bridezilla
Mon 28-09-2015

In a recent interview Sofia Vergara reveals that she is being a total bridezilla!

"I am very detail-oriented, so I am kind of like a nightmare," she said of organizing her nuptials with planner Mindy Weiss on Good Morning Americaon Wednesday. 

"I think in America, we call that 'Bridezilla,' " Lara Spencer joked. "I think I'm beyond that," the Modern Family star said, laughing.

"I have very good memory. If you show me swatches of things, I can in two months exactly remember, 'But what happened with the one with the little border that had the little print?' I'm really bad." 

Source: People