Sofia Vergara Talks About Wedding On Ellen

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Sofia Vergara Talks About Wedding On Ellen
Fri 04-12-2015

Diva Sofia Vergara just returned from her honeymoon with Joe Manganiello.

The star was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she talked about her son Manolo, 23,giving her away as a bride. 

First Ellen, apologized for not making the wedding despite getting a coveted invite. 

'You’re not really sorry,' Vergara teased.

'No I am,' the chat show host insisted.

'Why didn’t you make a little more effort to go it’s not like they not holding the production for you for one day.'

But Ellen claimed: 'They can’t hold the… I have to do a show every single day! If you would have had it in town, but you had it in Florida.' 

Sofia then teased her that she was going to bring a gift bag from the wedding for Ellen but then decided to give it away to somebody else. 

Ellen then changed topic: 'I saw some pictures it looked beautiful. It was big there were like 400 people there.'

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'Yes. It was my family and closest friends,' Vergara gushed

Ellen then said: 'That’s a big family.'

'Yeah, my son. He was very excited to give me away,' the actress continued. 'It was like a dream like a fairy tale. Like it came out perfectly like how I wanted. I have to say, the people that work helping me do the wedding, amazing!'

She then claimed that her reception lasted all the way until six the next morning, as many of the guest partied with her and Joe all through the night. 

'We had like a party and then we had an after party,' Sofia joked. 

Source: Daily Mail