Son of Zong Guo: Most Expensive Wedding in History

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Son of Zong Guo: Most Expensive Wedding in History
Fri 05-04-2013

Zong Guo, boss of Chonqing-based Fuxing Doors Industry Group threw his son an expensive wedding on Saturday!

The wedding was held at an upscale hotel, several famous entertainers, including singers Wu Qixian, Jiang Yuheng, and Hao Ge, were hired for the wedding show.

The cars which formed the wedding convoy, including Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Ferraris and Porsches, were worth at least 60 million yuan.

Zong told reporters the wedding was a gift for his son because he was never really able to spend time with him, having sent him away to study at a young age. However, he admitted that the million-dollar bonanza also doubled as a corporate event.

“At first I was aiming to keep extravagance and waste to a minimum. But then I decided to combine the wedding with a corporate promotion event,” he said. “The banquet allows me to kill two birds with one stone…I feel the money has been well spent.”