Sri Lankan Girl Jumps to Death After Fight with Lover

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Sri Lankan Girl Jumps to Death After Fight with Lover
Mon 28-01-2013

A Sri Lankan girl was found dead in International City! How?

It is reported that she jumped off the balcony of her 4th floor accommodation.

Anupama had started working for Jen Perfect cleaning company in Dubai 4 months ago. The owner of the company, Terin, who is also a Sri Lankan, said he was shocked to find out about her death.

He confirmed that another employee of his, Ameela, also Sri Lankan, has been arrested in this connection. "He has been working for me for a year now."

When asked if he had a role to play in her death, Terin refused to comment. "I don’t know. I hear they had a fight."

"I don’t know what happened and why she did it," he said. The apartment in International City housed the girls who worked in his company. Terin insisted that he had no clue that something was bothering Anupama. "I haven’t asked the girls anything. They are now being questioned by the CID."

A resident, however, revealed that Ameela had apparently told her friend that he was upset with the boss, and claimed he was harassing Anupama.