A Star Studded Wedding Proposal Video

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A Star Studded Wedding Proposal Video
Tue 25-02-2014

A man produced a star-studded wedding video for his bride after asking celebrities on Twitter to help him out.

The 12-minute video took Steven Williams a year to compile and includes messages from celebrities such as TV personality Jonathan Ross, comedian Jimmy Carr and Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton.

Mr Williams had set up a dedicated Twitter account to ask celebrities to help him out and a staggering number got back to him.

"I tried to keep it to about three tweets a week, but I didn’t want to be overzealous. I just asked them to give me a bit of help and sent them a message to say what was going on," he explained.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez, actor Alan Fletcher who plays Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson also joined in with the heartfelt messages.