Star Wars Fans Get Married at Premiere Lin

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Star Wars Fans Get Married at Premiere Lin
Sun 20-12-2015

On Thursday, December 17, a couple turned the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiere line at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood into a full-on wedding celebration.

Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters of Hunter Valley, Australia ended their 12-day camping session by saying “I do” to each other 7,000 miles away from home before popping in to see the much-anticipated movie as their form of a reception.

Ritter and Porters were among the first in line for the debut of “Episode VII,” lining up to wait for the big debut back on December 5.

Officiating the ceremony was a family friend who goes by the name “Obi-Shawn” who transformed the traditional Corinthians 13 verses into something Tattooine-friendly, by saying things like, “Our notions of what relationships promise us are often shaped by fairy tales and the unrealities of our popular culture, yes even movies. Despite what you’ve heard, love isn’t all you need.”