A Stranger Buys a Bride-to-Be Her Wedding Dress

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A Stranger Buys a Bride-to-Be Her Wedding Dress
Fri 27-02-2015

Bride-to-be Liz Jensen, was looking for awedding dress at  a shop called Elizabeth Cooper Design in Utah.

But the full-time Brigham Young University student, and seventh of eight children, couldn’t afford the gown’s $480 price tag.

"My dad has been unemployed for a while," she told the Deseret News. “The cost of things add up.”

While Jensen was admiring the gown, a women approached the store owner and asked her if any of the brides in the store could use some help.

The stranger, who is another bride-to-be who failed to find her own dream dress that day, then paid for Jensen’s dress.

When Jensen learned this, she burst into tears.

"Who pays for someone’s wedding dress?" she said. “It’s something I’ll never forget.”

The store is keeping the generous stranger’s identity a secret, at her request.

"The fact there was somebody in the store watching me and seeing how much I loved the dress and taking the time," Jensen said, “She didn’t even know me.”

Jensen hopes her story will somehow reach her benefactor so that the woman will know “how grateful I am and how special she will be to me.”

Source: Yahoo!