Study: 41% Of British People Give Newlyweds Gifts From Their Own Homes Instead Of Buying One

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Study: 41% Of British People Give Newlyweds Gifts From Their Own Homes Instead Of Buying One
Sun 06-09-2015

A new study shows that British people don't usually bother to buy new gifts for the newlyweds.

%41 of Britons have repurposed something from their own home to give it as a gift to the happy couple, while one in five have signed their name on another guest's gift.

One in 10 have even lied to the newlyweds by telling them their gift is on its way, when in fact they haven't even bought it.

A stingy %7 admit they would prefer not to give gifts to newlyweds full stop, if they had a choice

And with gifts being the largest costs incurred by British wedding guests, it's perhaps not surprising that %14 of those surveyed confess to having turned up to a wedding without a gift at all.

The data also shows just how unpopular wedding lists are - with one in five adults disliking being told what to buy. Instead, they prefer to give more traditional gifts, such as items for the home or financial contributions towards the honeymoon. 

Manchester is found to be the most generous city when it comes to buying wedding gifts according to the research.

Aoife Davey, group marketing manager at One4all, the Post Office Gift Card, which commissioned the research, said: 'It's interesting to see the extent to which selecting and buying a gift can stress people out - and also quite alarming how many people have resorted to quite cheeky tactics when the panic has set in.

'It's also clear that British adults prefer to go down the traditional route of selecting a gift for the happy couple themselves, rather than being dictated to by something like a wedding list, and that traditional types of gifts - such as homeware and useful appliances - are still the preferred to choice of many guests.'

Source:Daily Mail