Study: Do Stripes Make You Look Fat?

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Study: Do Stripes Make You Look Fat?
Thu 26-07-2012

For years women believed that horizontal stripes make the female figure look fuller and that vertical ones are more flattering. But according to Dr. Peter Thompson, a senior lecturer in Psychology at the University of York, this is just a myth!

Dr. Peter announced last year that horizontal stripes actually make you look thinner. This season, designers including J. Crew, Juicy Couture and Stella McCartney are showcasing stripes, while navy blue and white striped Breton tops are seen in many stores, such as Zara and Gap.

Dr. Peter showed people pairs of drawings. Each set showed line drawings of identical women, one wearing horizontal stripes, the other wearing vertical ones. Participants were asked to judge which of the women was fatter. The figure in horizontal stripes was perceived as thinner than the one in vertical stripes. So Dr. Peter drew the conclusion that horizontal ones make you look thinner, not fatter. However, all horizontal stripes are not created equal. It was found that narrow black stripes on a white background were most flattering.