Study: Effects of Shopping with Friends

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Study: Effects of Shopping with Friends
Wed 22-05-2013

A new research shows that shopping with your friends is not so good for your bank balance. 

Experts found 62% of women who trawl the shops with a female friend will spend more money than those who venture to the high street on their own.

Two thirds of women feel more confident in the clothes they have bought if they have had the opinion of their friends while trying them on. And the same percentage feels happier after hitting the shops in good company, rather than alone.

A spokeswoman for Liverpool ONE, which commissioned the study of 2,000 women, said: "Shopping with friends, while sometimes a more costly experience, can often be far more enjoyable than going to the high street alone."

"Girlfriends are great to have around as they’ll happily help you choose something to wear, will love to help you accessorize and will give an honest opinion in the changing rooms."

"When shopping alone, it is easy to decide not to bother buying anything if you’re not sure whether outfits are complementary, and if your guilty conscience wins. Girly shopping trips aren’t just about the purchases either, they often include lunch, coffee, catching up on the gossip – they’re a fun day out, and worth a little extra cash."

But there are some downsides to shopping with friends, aside from the added expenses, they get bored traipsing round when they go into shops they don't like and 28% don't like it when their friends take too long deciding on what to buy.