Study: Extra Weight Can Add Extra Years to Your Life?

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Study: Extra Weight Can Add Extra Years to Your Life?
Sat 05-01-2013

A new study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers, suggests that plump people may have a lower risk of dying than people with a "normal" weight.

But the report shouldn't be viewed as a green light for pigging out or ditching New Year’s resolutions, the researchers cautioned.

In fact, obese people face the highest risk of dying, the analysis of 97 studies and 3 million adults from around the world shows.

But people who are slightly overweight based on generally accepted health standards  face the lowest risk of dying from any cause, according to the report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Skeptics immediately attempted to cut the report down to size, noting it failed to account for gender, age, fitness levels and where fat is distributed on the body.

Instead, the report categorized participants based on their body mass index: a ratio of weight to height used to measure fatness that defines a 6-foot man as overweight at 185 pounds.