Study: Getting Married Can Lengthen Your Life

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Study: Getting Married Can Lengthen Your Life
Thu 08-08-2013

According to a new study, you can lengthen your life up to 17 years if you get married!

The study reveals that single men in mid-life have a %32 higher change of premature death compared to married men; meaning they could die 8 to 17 years before the average married man.

Single women fare slightly better in that they have a %23 lower life expectancy compared to their married peers.

So basically scientists have concluded that love is good for you. Marriage benefits men physically because of the positive impact of their partner on their lifestyles. It also benefits women due to how they view the relationship; marriage is meaningful and important to women, and the resulting reduced stress could account for the fact that it extends their life spans .

Romantic relationship between 18 and 25-year-old individuals are associated with better mental health. 

Marriage and its health benefits get better with time as people mature. 

A happy marriage is good for post-bypass patients as well. The social support motivates them to make healthier lifestyle choices compared to their single or unhappily married counterparts.

On the other hand unhappy marriages can be unhealthy because the chronic stress from a bad marriage can affect the immune system.