Study: Happy Marriages Make People Healthier

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Study: Happy Marriages Make People Healthier
Sat 28-09-2013

Huffington Post reported a new study made by the Journal of Marriage and Family.

The study reports that happy marriages make for healthier people.

"The study, which followed 1,681 people for 20 years, found a correlation between happy marriages and spouses' physical health.

Study participants were broken into two groups -- 18-39-year-olds and those ages 40-55.

Researchers questioned each participant about how content they were in their marriages and about the marital problems they face. Respondents were then asked to rank their health as either excellent, good, fair or poor.

The researchers found that there was a strong correlation between good health and how happy people were in their marriages, regardless of age. They also found that for the younger group, the connection between increasing marital happiness and improving individual health was particularly strong, and that for the older group, decreasing marital problems was strongly linked to improving physical health."