Study: Married Couples More Likely to Survive 2 Years After Heart Surgery

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Study: Married Couples More Likely to Survive 2 Years After Heart Surgery
Sat 31-10-2015

In a new study it was revealed that a heartbreak of a divorce may take a bigger toll on health than people realise, after a study showed that people are more likely to die after cardiac surgery following a breakup.

A study of more than 1,500 adults who underwent life-saving heart operations found that married people had the highest chance for surviving for two years.

In contrast those who were divorced, separated or widowed were around %40 more likely to die or develop a serious disability within the same period.

Although researchers say they are not sure what is driving the difference, previous studies have shown that people tend to take better care of themselves when they are in a relationship, visiting the doctors more often, exercising and eating a healthier diet.

Interestingly the risk for single people was almost the same as for married, suggesting that people on their own had learned to take care of themselves without the need of help from others.

Previous research has shown that the chances of survival after major surgery is better among married patients but this is the first study to find that the impact lasted for years after an operation.

The report authors say that doctors should consider keeping a closer eye on patients who have been divorced, separated or widowed and even offer counselling to help their recovery.

Married participants were more likely to be male and to demonstrate lower levels of other illnesses and disability before surgery.

Source: Telegraph