Study: Women's Hair is Best at 29

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Study: Women's Hair is Best at 29
Sun 26-05-2013

A study, commissioned to coincide with the launch of Kérastase Densifique, a new luxury hair care treatment, found that a third of women said they only realized what hair style suited them when they were approaching their thirties.

Researchers polled 2,000 women in a detailed study of Hair habits and found that once a female reaches her late twenties, she has more disposable income to spend on hair care and has ditched the experimental phase of her teens.

Kérastase Ambassador Luke Hersheson of Hersheson’s said: 

“As we enter our late teens and twenties, most women have yet to find their signature style. They are happy to try different colors, experiment with different lengths and use various tools like tongs, rollers and hair straighteners to achieve a certain look.

“Certain hairstyles come and go in fashion like any other trend and it’s only natural that women try and replicate the latest look. Having said that, constantly changing styles and hair color can take its toll and as we age our hair density and condition can be affected.

“As women move in to their thirties and beyond they tend to invest more in their hair and look after it using the right treatments.  Most of them reach the age where they want their hair to look healthy, full of body and thicker, rather than opting for the trendiest hair which has come straight off the catwalk.’’