Super Mario Helps Woman Propose!

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Super Mario Helps Woman Propose!
Fri 27-07-2012

Dimmie Flay, 26, from Australia, proposed to her boyfriend of six years, Matthew Danielewski, 28, with a Mario themed box on July 22.
HuffPost weddings found their unique proposal on Reddit, when a friend posted a picture of Flay's handmade ring box and rings. Below, she describes the proposal.

"We had discussed around a year ago how we both felt about women proposing to their male partners, and he stated he thought it was fine and should be more socially acceptable. He filed the conversation away and forgot about it, but it was that conversation that made me decide to propose!"
"I had been struggling for some time with how I was going to present the rings, and then one day I think I was browsing Pinterest when I saw a lamp shaped like the coin block from Mario. The Mario theme seemed so obvious that I didn't know why I hadn't considered it before. "