Super Storm Sandy Causes Wedding Setback in Area

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Super Storm Sandy Causes Wedding Setback in Area
Sun 04-11-2012

According Lehigh Valley, the wedding business experienced a setback during the storm "Sandy"! But cake baker's are trying to do their best despite the storm.
Michelle Quier, the owner of Granny Schmidt's bakery said: "I have a wedding today, rehearsal tonight, two weddings tomorrow and a sweet 16."

"The storm Monday night into Tuesday wiped out power at Granny Schmidt's, which creates specialty and wedding cakes. The bakery ran on generator power until 9 p.m. Thursday, when service was restored. The pastry chef, Melissa Miller of West Easton, has been staying in a 34-foot-long recreational vehicle in the business’s parking lot because she has no power at her house."

Linda Nabb, wedding planner and owner of Dream Events in Northampton, loaned the RV to Michelle Quier after she stopped by the bakery to check on the cakes for her weddings.

She said she saw Miller, the pastry chef, icing a cake with only a small light over her head. Miller shared that she was also without power at home and couldn't get warm anywhere.

Linda Nabb said that as of Friday, none of her weddings have been canceled. In fact, she said she hasn't heard an anxious thought from any of her brides regarding storm setbacks.

Her workshop is without power, so she has been hand-pressing linens for tables at her and a colleague’s homes. Helping Granny Schmidt's with the RV is just one of those things that come with being in the same line of work, she said.
Linda commented: "All of the vendors in this industry are friends, in times of need we are always there for each other."