Sweet and Soft: The "All Natural" Makeup from Karaja

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Sweet and Soft: The "All Natural" Makeup from Karaja
Wed 04-07-2012

For this July and August, Karaja Italy for make-up launched new make-up products and sets with extraordinary fresh colors that suit the Summer Season.

Try Karaja’s "all natural" products that guarantee fuller, irresistible and soft lips with an intimate sweet flavor.   


Sweet Elixir

The Product: Lip Lift- Gloss Modelage Lip Curve Extender, Lip Volumizer with cushion effect.

A scientifically proven anti-age action lipstick made of plant extracts (Portulaca Pilosa + Vitamin E), that shapes and perfects the structure of the lips. It increases the lips’ volume, curve, softness and moisture level. Clinical trials proved that this natural formula effectively stimulates collagen and elastic in the derma and doubles the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid, thus improving the structure of the lips.



In addition to all the natural ingredients that enhance the structure of the lips, Sweet Elixir also combines the magical olfactory properties of citrus fruit to give your lips an enjoyable delicious sweet flavor.

Retail Price: AED 98/-


Color Mix

The Product: Lipstick Pencil and Lip Gloss full of coloured pearls and micro brilliants, natural formulation



Color Mix is a microbiologically pure product and an alternative to lipstick. The raw materials in this product guarantee softness, suppleness, stability, easy spreading, and excellent coverage. The basic formula consists of 2 waxes with high melting points to give the product an “anti-smear” effect.  A lubricating polymer with tiny spheres makes the application silky smooth, without looking greasy. The basic composition of this product where the grease component is perfectly measured and a greater amount of pigment used guarantee a lasting color.

Retail Price: AED 98/-