Syrian Couple Celebrates 81 Years Marriage Anniversary

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Syrian Couple Celebrates 81 Years Marriage Anniversary
Sun 01-12-2013

Syrian couple John and Ann Al Bitar just celebrated their 81 anniversary.

Why is this so special? Here is their story:

John and Ann Al Bitar ran away on November 25, 1932 from Bridgeport, Connecticut, where many Syrians live, and reached Harrison in New York.

The lovers ran away when Ann's father decided to marry her off to another man who is 20 years older than her.

They are now known for the longest marriage in America for 2013.

John who is now 102 years old said: "Everyone went crazy, her aunt tried consoling her dad and told him not to worry, their marriage won't last!" 

Ann who is 98 years old said: "I didn't have any other choice but to run away with him, I was only 17 and I was not going to marry a man 20 years older than me, I was in love with John who lived on the same street, and he was just 21 years old, he used to take me to school in his ford."

John joked: "That's why you married me, you liked my car."

John explained while holding his wife's hand, that they have been living in this house since 1964!

"We watched the world change around us, but we never did...the secret is to always listen to your wife and agree with her!"