Syrian Man Gets Engaged On Skype To Find Out He Was Tricked

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Syrian Man Gets Engaged On Skype To Find Out He Was Tricked
Wed 18-03-2015

A Syrian man Juan Issa, met an Algerian woman and fell in love with her.

The couple met and dated on Skype, until Juan decided to ask for her hand in marriage and get engaged.

Juan wanted to got to Algeria to get engaged but he faced some issues with his papers and couldn't go there.

After a while, Juan reached Tunisia, and was supposed to meet the bride and her father there, but the plan didn't go as planned as the father didn't have a passport.

So the bride and her mother went to Tunisia to meet Juan, while the father stayed in Algeria.

The couple got engaged in Tunisia while the father and the witnesses to the marriage watched the engagement on Skype.

Juan explained that the father of his bride didn't ask for any dowry and wishes the couple all the best.

But once the engagement was done, the bride and her mother started asking him for money and expenses for the wedding.

Juan started transferring money to his bride so she can plan the wedding, he transferred almost 10 thousand euros, not mentioning the gifts he sent her from Italy and Spain.

After a while Juan explained that his bride stopped replying his messaging or answering his calls, he tried to reach her in more than one way but it was as if she and her family disappeared.