Syrian Marriage Destroyed by War!

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Syrian Marriage Destroyed by War!
Mon 31-12-2012

We have recently published the story of a Syrian couple who got married during very difficult times.

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Ayat Al-Qassab has just married Mohammad Jumbaz and they shared their story with CNN on Skype.

But now we are sadly sharing the news of Ayat's death. Mahmoud Al-Qassab has buried his 3rd child now, Ayat only 18 years old. "I thank God this is my third martyr: Ahmed, Abdullah and now her. I thank God, and I will not say anything against his fate."

Just a few months ago, 18 year old Ayat Al-Qassab sang and danced with her mother and aunts as they dressed the bride in her wedding gown.

Now, her shattered and bloodied body lies in a grave below the crumbling, bullet-ridden buildings of Homs.

Her husband Mohammad Jumbaz commented: "She was killed and she took my heart, my soul, my mind and everything with her, but we will not give up. We will not retreat. We must keep moving forward." Ayat and Mohammad recently found out they were expecting their first child.

“My love, she was only married a few months, then pregnant and now a martyr,” Ayat’s mother said.

A 120 mm rocket fired into the family home struck Ayat in the head, killing her and her unborn child instantly. Ayat’s father, who was standing nearby, was hit in the shoulder and wounded.

"The week before she died, a rocket attack injured her hand, and I had this feeling in my heart that it was a sign. It was as if God gave us just one more week to take her in and say goodbye," Mohammad said.

The family’s near impenetrable faith prevents them from protesting Ayat’s fate, but by accepting her death, the family must survive on memories of her life.

“I will remember everything about her. What more can I say? I will remember everything, everything,” Mohammad murmured.