Taksim Wedding Crashed by Turkish Police

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Taksim Wedding Crashed by Turkish Police
Tue 23-07-2013

Nuray and Ozgur fell in love at last month's mass anti-government protests in Istanbul.

So when the couple picked the center of the revolt on Taksim Square as the venue to tie the knot Saturday, the anti-riot police obliged and provided the water cannon.

Police broke up a crowd of around a thousand fellow activists who had turned up for the wedding of Nuray Cokol, a 32-year-old nurse, and Ozgur Kaya, a 34-year-old electrician, in Gezi Park.

The wedding guests, veterans of the protests that started on May 31 and rattled Turkey's government, had turned up to celebrate what the Turkish press has called "the love story of the uprising".