Taylor Kinney Talks About Wedding Planning With Lady Gaga

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Taylor Kinney Talks About Wedding Planning With Lady Gaga
Wed 21-10-2015

ET spoke to star Taylor Kinney at the premiere of his new film Rock the Kasbah in New York City on Monday, where the 34-year-old actor dished on his upcoming wedding to Lady Gaga and family plans!

Tayloق Kinney, who traveled to Morocco for the production of Rock the Kasbah, said that the iconic North African country could be a good place for a destination wedding.

"Morocco would be great!" Kinney told ET, adding that nothing is set in stone yet, and a wedding is difficult to plan when the bride and groom have evolving schedules.

"I told her I don't mind doing the little white chapel thing," Kinney shared. "She wants what she wants. I want to make sure that it's right what she wants."

"We're going to take our time and do it right," he added.

As for a family, Kinney said he wants enough kids for a "soccer team," but he admits he's not sure how his fiancé feels about that idea.

"We'll see," Kinney joked. "Ask me in 10 years."

Source: ET