Taylor Swift Will Not Date Celebrities After Harry Styles

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Taylor Swift Will Not Date Celebrities After Harry Styles
Tue 30-07-2013

It looks like Taylor Swift is done with dating celebrities after her breakup with Harry Styles.

A source told HollywoodLife.com that Taylor wants to switch her attention to a different type of man.

"She wants to focus on old-fashioned dates and finding a real guy who can make her happy - whether he's famous or not," the source said.

"She's just going to shift her focus from the Hollywood guys to the more down-to-earth guys who can give her some stability and make her feel loved and not used," the source told HollywoodLife.com.

"There's something so beautiful about people who are heartbroken," Taylor told E! Latin's Coffee Break, "they think about how they're feeling much more."

"So when music is all that you have and you're lonely or you're missing someone and you write a song that says exactly how you feel, there is sort of a gratification you get from that, it almost helps you move on."

An example of her heartbreaks becoming fodder for Hollywood drama: Taylor wrote a song titled "Dear John," allegedly about her relationship with singer John Mayer. He responded with a song called "Paper Doll," which many believed to be about her.