Theo James Engaged to Ruth Kearney

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Theo James Engaged to Ruth Kearney
Wed 09-09-2015

Theo James may now be engaged to his long-time girlfriend Ruth Kearney to quash rumors involving his “Divergent” co-star Shailene Woodley once and for all.

According to Master Herald, “Apparently, Irish actress Ruth Kearney, who obviously has all the right reasons to be worried that she might lose her boyfriend to the beauteous Shailene Woodley, is about to be engaged with Theo James, thus quashing rumors that Theo and Shailene are starting to play beautiful music together.”

Because Theo James speaks so infrequently to the public, his fans definitely cling onto every word that he does say in interviews. According to the most recent one about his Boss cologne campaign, “Divergent” star wanted to show that he has matured into a reliable and dependable man.

He said, “I quite like proper manhood, if you can call it that. I think coming from being the youngest of lots of siblings, I was always feeling like I wanted to be older, and I was always feeling perpetually young. Whereas, when you reach thirty, you’re not pretending anymore. You’re definitely an adult. It’s quite fun in a way, it’s good.”

The rumors circling Theo James and Shailene Woodley has subsided as Ruth Kearney may be engaged to the actor, which isn’t surprising given their steadfast relationship. But that doesn’t mean that there are some very real and palpable sparks between the ”Divergent” stars.

According to Fashion & Style, “According to some reports, rumors of James and Woodley dating started much before they agreed to the “Divergent” franchise and his girlfriend, Ruth Kearney has been keeping an eye on the two ever since.”

Source: Kpop Starz