Thobe Auctioned for SR 200,000

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Thobe Auctioned for SR 200,000
Sun 19-05-2013

A charity fashion show organized by Sulaisila Center for Art and Heritage, a division of Al-Faisaliya Women Welfare Society. The show was held at Park Hayat on Saturday.

The charity fashion show and auction showcased 44 thobes. A thobe designed by the Sulaisila Center was auctioned for SR 200,000 (around $53,330) in the event entitled “Haweyah 2,” which in Arabic means ‘identity.’

Princess Amira Al-Taweel, vice-chairwoman and secretary general of the Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, attended the charity event on behalf of the foundation.

The event aimed at developing and promoting the Saudi culture, helping orphans that are sponsored by the society and marketing products created by the women at the Sulaisila Center, who will benefit from the income.

Fahda bint Saud Al-Saud, president of Al-Faisaliya Women Welfare Society, said at a press conference: “What I see today is what our charity organization has always aimed at, which is developing the Saudi culture and spreading the message abroad. We have many designs that showcase the true Saudi culture from across different regions, using different colors and fabrics.”

“This is our way to show our Saudi love story and it is our national duty to educate people about our culture and to help orphans with the income,” she added.
The event also included a charity auction in which a thobe that was designed by the Sulaisila team was sold for SR 200,000. The money went to Princess Hissa bint Khalid Center for Social Development Center’s orphans.