Thrifty Bride Plans Wedding for $1.56!

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Thrifty Bride Plans Wedding for $1.56!
Thu 05-09-2013

A pair of newlyweds say they have proved how easy it is to get married on a budget  by celebrating their wedding for £1 ($1.56).

They organised their wedding for family and friends, complete with rings, flowers, a cake and even a photographer to capture the occasion.

They also hosted a reception with a picnic, drinks, jazz music and dancing at a romantic setting in the Scottish Highlands, all on their unbelievably low budget.

Their only expenditure was a pound on Georgina’s vintage wedding gown!

Georgina said: "I don’t see the point in these massive weddings. It takes away from what marriage is truly about."

"There is nothing to gain from spending a huge amount of money. The day is supposed to be about marrying the person you love and for us all that mattered was that we were becoming husband and wife. We didn’t want or need a big, fancy affair."

Service: Vicar performed it for free in return for whip-round in aid of local church.

Photographer: Donated services in return for bride working for him as film editor.

Cake: Earl Grey-infused sponge cakes made by bride's aunt.

Food: Guests contributed a dish each.

Music: Bride's father played jazz saxophone.

Venue: Barn behind their cottage.

Reception: A picnic on the grass outside.

The couple’s cottage, which was decorated with solar lanterns, locally grown flowers and hay bales donated from farmers.

Georgina looked stunning in a 1960s hand-made floor-length ivory wedding gown with embroidered sleeves.

She found the dress the website freecycle, an online community where people can swap unwanted items, and it cost her a pound.

Sid opted for a stylish tweed suit he had bought years ago from Marks and Spencer.

Georgina’s mother Susanne, a church reader, conducted the ceremony in front of 70 guests.

The couple exchanged wedding rings hand-crafted by Georgina using antlers she found in their garden.

Georgina said: "Although we spent a small amount, we do plan to spend a little more on our honeymoon."
"We are going back to Berlin, where we got engaged. We love it and we have friends living there, so we will still be able to save some money."

Source: DailyMail