Tina Turner Talks About Wedding to Oprah

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Tina Turner Talks About Wedding to Oprah
Wed 28-08-2013

Tina Turner married her longtime partner Erwin Bach in private ceremony held in Switzerland.

The couple headed to the south of France to honeymoon, where Oprah joined Turner for the only television interview following the iconic singer's wedding.

Tina Turner tells Oprah how anxious she was for the big day. "I have to tell you, because I started to plan the wedding in January, I had really gotten tired," Turner says. "I was tired of thinking about it. I was tired of waiting for the day. I wanted to get in the car and go to Italy before it's time!"

Oprah was among the more than 200 guests who attended the wedding, and Turner says she was afraid she would miss their arrivals. Her husband-to-be suggested she peek out from a window.

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"I stood in the window and I had it open just enough," Turner says. "You could see my face reacting to certain people."

Watching her guests arrive became her favorite wedding day moment. "Those ladies' dresses were beautiful," she says of her guests.

"Everybody looked so beautiful," Oprah says.

Source: Huffington Post