A Tissue Paper Wedding Dress

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A Tissue Paper Wedding Dress
Mon 10-06-2013

Mimoza Haska an Albanian hairdresser from South Carolina won a $2,000 grand prize for her wedding dress creation, made entirely from toilet paper!

The contest was sponsored by Charmin and hosted by Chic Cheap Weddings, a wedding-planning site created by a woman named Roxie Radford and her two daughters, Susan Bain and Laura Gawne. 

"At bridesmaids parties, one of the games that you play is you wrap each other in toilet paper and you make these dresses and it’s normally a competition," says Kate Pankoke, a judge.

"Sometimes there are prizes involved. But the girls who made these gowns obviously took it to a whole other level. So, as you can see here, the detail that goes into them. They’re only allowed to use Charmin toilet paper, glue, needle and thread and tape. So there’s no fabric in there. This is all paper. It’s amazing!"

The winner Mimoza Haska said: "Everybody did such a wonderful job. I’m honored, this is wonderful. I like clothes, I like art. I always create and I like to keep doing it and see where it takes me."