Tom Cruise Never Paid His Scientologist Wedding Caterer?

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Tom Cruise Never Paid His Scientologist Wedding Caterer?
Sun 16-09-2012

Ever since his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has been accused of many things, such as controlling, rigid, obsessive and a complete religious fanatic!

But now it seems like the actor is accused of being cheap. The man who catered Cruise's 1990 wedding to Nicole Kidman says the movie star never paid him for his work.

Then a fellow member of Cruise's Church of Scientology, Sinar Parman says he whipped up all the food for the couple's nuptials, only to later be told by David Miscavaige the head of Scientology and Cruise's longtime BFF that Sinar Parman would receive no compensation for his work. Sinar eventually left the controversial religion in 2001.

The Church of Scientology has been dismissing claims made by people as nothing more than disgruntled ramblings of bitter former members.