Tom Cruise Spotted with Jennifer Akerman!

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Tom Cruise Spotted with Jennifer Akerman!
Wed 19-12-2012

It hasn't been long since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have divorces, but it looks like Tom Cruise is thinking of having a new wife.

Tom Cruise has been heavily flirting with Jennifer Akerman last week the sister of Tom's former co-star, Malin.

The pretty blonde was present at the 'Jack Reacher' premiere in Stockholm, and after being introduced by Malin, got along very well. Tom Cruise was said to be enjoying Jennifer Akerman's company last week.

"They already knew of each other from Malin being in Rock Of Ages so they didn't need much of an introduction," a source told The Sun. "Even though Tom was working the room, once they got chatting they were locked in."

"They seemed very natural in each other's company for most of the night and at the after party at the Rose club. Then all of a sudden they were gone... "

Romance could definitely be in the air for Tom once again, as he is apparently meeting up with Jennifer again in Los Angeles before December 25.