The "Too Handsome" Omar Borkan Al Gala Reveals He is Single

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The "Too Handsome" Omar Borkan Al Gala Reveals He is Single
Fri 31-05-2013

Good news for the millions of female fans of Omar Borkan Al Gala, the model, actor, fashion photographer, and poet who was kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too handsome, has revealed he is single in an exclusive interview.

The 25 year old handsome man also spoke about how his overnight fame has changed his life in an interview with GMA Channel 7, a local television network in the Philippines.

Omar who is originally from Dubai, and 2 other delegates from the United Arab Emirates, were escorted out of a religious festival in Saudi Arabia. According to the local media, the men were "too sexy for Saudi Arabia" and were reportedly deported from the country. However, that incident helped propel Al Gala's career as an Internet sensation, helping him acquire over 800,000 "likes" on his Facebook fan page.

"First day, two Chinese people were walking, they recognized my face... so they asked for taking a picture and they were like forcing me on taking picture. So I accepted the picture and I took a picture with them... they were like good people. And I like it."

"Now I start noticing a lot of people recognizing my face in the malls, in crowded places... and there's a lot of people noticing me, there's a lot of people taking pictures of me. And that feels amazing to be honest with you, it's great," he continued.

"I give love for whoever gives me love, I just get loved back," he said, "Whoever says I love you. I say, I love you too."

"For me, I take everything easy in life and I don't let any negative affect my personal life," he said, adding, "I think I will always gonna look good, I will always keep a smile on my face, and you know a smile never hurts."