Trash The Dress Photoshoot: Wedding Gown on Fire!

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Trash The Dress Photoshoot: Wedding Gown on Fire!
Thu 18-07-2013

The Trash The Dress trend is becoming more and more popular among brides.

Trash The Dress is basically a photo shoot, where the bride purposely ruins her wedding dress in the name of art, and ruining the dress can involve anything from colorful paint, to mud and in some cases, fire!

One woman has filmed her shoot, capturing her white dress catching fire before she runs towards the ocean to put the flames out.

Natasha Samuel, married Daniel Yakcobi in May, was standing on a beach in Israel earlier this month when she had a friend put her wedding gown in flammable liquid, before lighting a match.

A photographer captured the split second that the bride stopped to smile, before she ran towards the water.

A fire extinguisher was also on hand to put out any extra flames, on both the bride and on the beach.