Trend Alert: Two Piece Abaya Hits UAE

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Trend Alert: Two Piece Abaya Hits UAE
Mon 21-01-2013

Badreya Faisal, an Emirati designer has created the 3 piece Abaya which is now becoming the hottest trend in the UAE!

Badreya took the traditional one-piece abaya a common Muslim female dress in the Gulf  and broke it in two.

Badreya Faisal, who has recently started up her fashion line BLEACH (, recreated the traditional black Abaya look for women who want to wear their Abayas in a different and fashionable style.

"Having spent years living in the UK, Italy and Spain broadening her skills in all genres of art dear to her, her designs have ever since been noted for their minimalist, eccentric and innovative style," according to BLEACH Biograghpy.