True Story: The Shoe Split!

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True Story: The Shoe Split!
Wed 22-08-2012

Beth Shak, the pro poker player, was in a documentary about women who are obsessed with their shoes.
Her former husband filed a lawsuit against her, over her 1,200 pairs of shoes! He claims that she has kept her shoe collection a secret, and never told him anything about it.

Despite TV appearances mentioned above, despite her shoe blog and the Louboutin tattoo she has on her pelvic bone.
He wanted rights to the millions of dollars in shoes so he could sell them!
But Beth Shak fought back, claiming the shoe collection and its alleged secrecy was because it was an illness, a compulsion to fill the void of her loveless marriage.

"There was such a lack of emotion and love in my relationship that I filled that void with shopping. I was shopping endlessly, I couldn’t stop." Said Beth, outside the court, sporting a $700 pair of beige Yves St. Laurent stilettos.
Eventually her husband dropped the case, claiming he didn't want his stepdaughter to testify.