Tunisian Actress Dorra Has a Crush on Ahmad Ezz

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Tunisian Actress Dorra Has a Crush on Ahmad Ezz
Wed 27-05-2015

TV host Arwa successfully made one of her guests blush on her show “Khaleeha Alena” on Monday.

Tunisian songstress Dorra played guest on the talk show, and Arwa brought up the sensitive subject of marriage proposals. She tossed a few fellow celebs' names her way and asked if she would be willing to marry any of them if they decide to propose.

The first name thrown at Dorra was Egyptian star Hani Salameh, but she quickly pointed out that he is already taken. He is married, and his wife is her friend.

When Ahmed Adaweyah was suggested, the single celebrity was a little more positive in her response. She admitted that she loves him a lot and believes he is a very good person.

The guys that really got Dorra grinning, though, was surprisingly Egyptian star Ahmed Ezz. The troubled actor is still in the middle of a long legal battled with Zeina and has lost more than a few friends out of the whole ordeal. Unfazed by his personal problems and potential fatherhood, depending on how the lawsuit turns out, the starlet smiled when thinking about the star.

She scolded her hostess with this response, “Why do you embarrass me, but in general yes I wll accept his proposal, why not?!"

Source: Al Bawaba